Yes, You can Travel Happily with Your Baby or Kids

Being a mother of a four year old, I can understand and tell that travelling with them is not something I used to look ahead, most of the times. The first thought that came to my mind was to cancel the trip; being so over-worked thinking about the travelling, the packing, the food, milk, snacks etc. But not anymore.

One can say that:

Traveling with kids is not something for the weak hearts (pun-intended).

It is very important that the kids remain in a good mood so that you can have a peaceful journey.

We must understand that as adults we get tired too, so there is too much pressure on the little ones.

However, we must not avoid providing any kind of traveling exposure as it will make things more difficult for us in the future.

So, keep planning your trips and holidays, etc. as you were doing before having your kid.

I have been traveling with my baby since he was 6 months old. The following tips really come in handy whenever I travel with my Baby:


  1. First and foremost, you have to take care of the hygiene and sanitation whenever you travel with your baby/kid. You do not want them or yourself to have any kind of infection. Carry their wet wipes and dry tissues and a good sanitizer with you.
  2. Keep the RO water handy, or use a good branded mineral water. Do not depend on the RO water of any restaurant etc. as you do not know when did they get their last service done.
  3. Even while traveling take care to sterilize the bottles or any utensils you use for your baby/kid. Try cleaning them with hot soapy water.
  4. Keep changing their diapers on time so that they do not catch any infections.
  5. Carry their food and milk. If traveling for longer duration carry the powder food and milk which you can give to them by adding in some warm water. I prefer to carry a small set of bowl and a spoon for my baby/kid.
  6. Do not forget to carry the flask to carry warm or hot water. If not allowed to carry water on airlines (Some airlines allow you to carry water for babies but might ask for some tests before your carry them to the flights in some countries) you can always fill it up with water on the plane or from a duty free shop after the security check.
  7. Do not forget to carry all the medicines, for cough, cold , fever, vomiting, ear aches, nasal sprays, diaper rash creams, etc.
  8. Always visit your doctor before traveling with your baby/kid, as he may suggest a medicine to help ease the journey and can provide you with some helpful tips too.
  9. Always carry two extra pairs of fresh clothes of your baby/kid, a small hand towel, few garbage bags (in case the baby/kid vomits during the journey and for putting the dirty clothes), and one pair of clothing for yourself while traveling.
  10. Carry a portable fold-able potty seat if you have one to ease the washroom journey.
  11. You can always give them juice or milk while take-off and landing during air travel to help them ease out the ear pressure.
  12. Carry your kid’s favorite book, coloring book, colors, or some small game of your kid’s choice, or even a small notepad to scribble something (if that interests them).
  13. If you allow your kids to watch YouTube videos, save some of their videos on YouTube so that they can watch them even in the offline and airplane mode.
  14. Always carry a shawl or extra clothing layers for your baby/kid as you can make them wear or remove them accordingly.
  15. Carry their favorite soft toy, if any.
  16. And finally, do not panic, because, if the kid senses you panicking, they will panic for sure.

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