Get Rid of Negativity Around You

Some days we feel like nothing is right. We tend to feel sad and negative about everyone and everything.

We all know that the universe is made of energies. Therefore, we are surrounded by different kinds of energies all the time.

At any given time, positive and negative both kind of energies maybe around us. Because of these energies, we may feel unhappy and depressed; sometimes, we may not be able to think of a valid reason for the same.

Basically, these energies can be formed around us because of our overthinking, our negative thoughts, or any other reason.

Each one of us wants to live in a peppy and a beautiful surrounding, with a vibrant and positive atmosphere.

So, let’s think about it, and work on it.

Keep your surroundings clutter-free

Living in a clutter free space, be it your home, or office, or any space you visit; keeps the flow of positive energy uninterrupted.

Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Do not keep your house full of objects you do not use anymore. This will help make space for new opportunities. Keep such objects that bring you joy and happiness.

Burn Some Incense

Burn some herbal incense, the beautiful fragrance fills up the air in your house. The incense smoke creates a calm space in your surroundings.

Fresh Air and More Fresh Air

Cross-ventilation is very important in your surroundings. Make sure to keep your windows open for a little time at-least once a day. This ensures to let in the fresh air and throw out the stagnant air out of your house or any surroundings.

Remove Unbroken Things or Repair Them

Similar to not keeping unused objects in your house, you must avoid keeping broken things too. Or repair them or get them repaired at the earliest. Broken objects are known to retain negative energy.

Spray Essential Oil In Your Surroundings

Essential Oils like orange and lemon grass, are known to uplift your mood and revitalize your home and senses. Just add few drops in some water and spray in the corners of your house. It will keep the space fragrant too.

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