Coconut Oil – The Elixir

Let us talk about Coconut oil today. One can also name it the beauty elixir. Commonly, coconut oil Is used for head massage. However, it has multiple uses, some of which you must be aware, and some of which you may not. Let us dive deep into the benefits of coconut oil today.

Many years ago, the perception that I had in my mind (like many of you) about Coconut oil was that it is only a hair oil. Many a times, I used to wonder, that why do the elderlies keep asking us to use coconut oil for everything, be it for moisturizing, or hair massage, or applying on rashes. The reason that popped in my mind was that they find this cheap and economical.

But with time and using the coconut oil as per the suggestions of the elderlies, I have become aware of the benefits. So, why not share with you guys!

Let’s throw some light on Coconut oil benefits then, together.


Head Massage

Oh Yes! The most common use, being utilized in almost every household across the globe. The oil is extremely beneficial for our hair. It makes them shinier, smoother, helps with hair growth, and of course healthier.


Edible Oil

Are you on Keto Diet? Coconut oil is the most healthy fat source to be used in the diet. It is full of MCT, Medium-chain Triglycerides. It helps you to get and stay in ketosis really fast.


Skin moisturizer

Unhappy with your dry and flaky skin. It does not matter, even how much moisturizer you apply, the dryness is back. Need not worry, use coconut oil after taking your bath as a body moisturizer. Your skin will surely thank you for it. In winters, you can even try using it before your bath. This helps to lock in the moisture, and you get a really smooth bath.

Helps with digestion

Yes, you read that right. Including coconut oil in your food, makes your tummy happy too. It can also help in controlling hunger pangs. Because consuming Coconut oil adds ketones to our body, that helps in reducing our appetite.


To be continued in the next article…..

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