Were You Aware of Amazing Benefits of Petroleum Jelly?

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Amazing Benefits of Petroleum Jelly Petroleum jelly is something that can be found in every household. We all mostly use it to treat dry hands and feet.

Petroleum jelly is a jelly like product, made up of various oils and waxes. It helps in creating a barrier between our skin and the environment, and therefore, it helps by locking the moisture in.

I remember an experiment our science teacher asked us to perform once to understand that leaves could breathe. Take two leaves, put them in the same place, but cover one with petroleum jelly on both the sides; and let the other be as is. Next day, the one with the jelly would still look fresh and the other would have dried up. Hence, proving that leaves could breathe and the second that the jelly keeps the moisture locked.

Petroleum Jelly has many more benefits, and can be used in numerous ways.
Makeup Remover

Works as a great makeup remover, I would personally not use it on my eyes, but I use the petroleum jelly to remove lipsticks, and face makeup.

Burn Relief

Provides relief from minor burns and cuts. Simply clean the skin around the burn or cut and then slowly dab and rub a tiny amount of petroleum jelly.


Moisturises the skin in a great way. One can use it before going to bed. Rub a good amount of the petroleum jelly on your hands, feet, elbows, and knees, to wake up to a beautiful and soft skin.

moisturises skin
Lip Balm

Works great as a lip balm. Petroleum jelly is mostly used as the base in many branded lip balms too. Just dab a little amount on your chapped lips or otherwise too, to keep your lips soft and supple.

Rash Soother

Provides relief from rashes too. If elders get some rash or even the kids, who get diaper rash, you can use petroleum jelly. You can use it beforehand too to prevent the rashes.

Glowing Skin

Brings a beautiful glow to the face. You can use a little amount of petroleum jelly over your cheekbones, to get a natural highlighter effect. And you can also use a tiny amount over your eyelids to get those natural shiny eyelids.

Perfume Enhancer

Works as an enhancer for perfumes. Rub a little amount of petroleum jelly on your inner wrists and neck, or wherever you will apply your perfume. Then spray your perfume. It helps by increasing the time your perfume will last.


Works as a great lubricant. In case, your ring is too tight around your finger, just dab some petroleum jelly around it. And even if you have some squeaky door hinges, just apply it over the hinges, it will make the noise fade away.

Frizzy Hair
Frizz Control

Works as a great gel substitute when you want to control those frizzy fly away hair. Just rub some petroleum jelly between your palms and apply on the hair to control those fly aways. Do not use in excess as it may make your hair look too oily.

Nail Art Help

Provides a great barrier when applying nail paint, just dab some petroleum jelly around your nails while applying nail paint, so that your skin does not get stained.

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