Suffer From Migraines? Know The Triggers!

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Suffer From Migraines! Know The Triggers!

I have suffered from migraines since my childhood. I have read a lot of articles about migraines since Google came into existence. I have always wanted to know, what causes them, as in what triggers them, and how to get relief. I understand, all who suffer from migraines, would want to know that.


What is a migraine?

Migraine is a kind of a headache in simple words. But let us go a little deeper. It is a throbbing, and sometimes pulsating pain which you may experience on either side of your head; or some people experience on both the sides. And I know many would agree, that the worst one is the one that is felt on one side of the head.


You do not want to talk and just lie down, feel nauseated, light exposure makes it worse. Sometimes, a normal painkiller does not work on these type of headaches. The reason for a migraine can be anything, from stress to food to surroundings etc.


Let us take a look at some of the triggers, which if we avoid, can help in keeping these headaches at bay.


Bright or Flashing Lights
  • Flickering or very bright lights can also cause migraine in some people.
  • Bright bulbs or strong sun rays can be some of the reasons too.
  • One can use polarized sun glasses and use lesser bright bulbs or lights in your house.

Stress and Anxiety
  • The major reason for any kind of disruption in our body is stress and anxiety. This is also known to cause many hidden problems too, which come out in a long time, like, heart diseases, or simple ones like hair fall, insomnia etc.
  • It is also one of the common causes to trigger migraines. In such situations some relaxation exercises or soothing music can help.
  • Try and move to a space with fresh air, like a garden or park, sit quietly, just close your eyes and breathe softly paying attention to your breathing.

Go to the Park

Inadequate Nutrition
  • If we eat less, as in really less, especially during dieting, paying no attention to the nutrients getting in our body, it may trigger migraine too.
  • Irregular eating patterns too come under this category. Because all this plays with our body sugar levels, and hence triggers migraine.
  • We must also drink adequate amount of water together with keeping a check on our food intake.
Lack of Sleep
  • If you sleep for less than six to eight hours a day, it can trigger migraine too.
  • Try to achieve good amount of sleep, to keep fresh and active.

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