Suffer from Anxiety? Know which Foods to Avoid!

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AnxietyIn today’s fast-paced life, where we run from one corner to another all the time; be it getting kids ready for school, going to work, or handling work at home, and so many other activities that you do.


In this scenario, if we are not careful about our lifestyle, eating habits, etc., our health does take a toll.


One of the most common side effects of this rush-rush in our life is ANXIETY.

What is Anxiety?

In simple words, anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with loads of uncertainty.

We can control some fraction of this Anxiety, with what we eat.

Control eating habitsSo, here I have compiled a list of food items that we can avoid, if going through Anxiety!


coffee beansCoffee

Yes, most of you might already be aware of this! The caffeine can make you quiet anxious , jittery, and nervous. It plays with your sleep cycle too. If you see such problems with your caffeine intake, wean yourself out of this habit slowly; or you can limit your caffeine intake. You can then move to decaf too, remember, coffee keeps you in a good mood, far away from depressing thoughts.

juiceFruit Juice / Regular Soda

Fruit juice is nothing but sugar-based water, though, nutritious. But it will not help you with anxiety. Eat a whole fruit or drink some water, if feeling thirsty. Similarly, regular soda too spikes your sugar intake, plus, it has no nutritional value to provide.

diet sodaDiet Soda/ Energy Drinks

Diet soda, as we think, has no sugar, so is the best. It can make you feel more anxious and depressed, in fact more than the sugar-based soda drinks. Remember, it does have caffeine, which we already know is not good for anxiety. Energy drinks too are high in sugar and/or caffeine, so try and avoid them.

white bread toastWhite Bread

Yes, white bread, because it is made from processed refined flour. This flour turns quickly into blood sugar, playing with our system; hence, bad for someone experiencing anxiety. Swap it with a whole-grain option.


The ketchup is not only made of tomato puree, but oodles of sugar too. Anything with that high content of sugar, is not good for our health, especially when you suffer from anxiety. You can swap it with a homemade version.


Intake of too much alcohol tends to play with our sleep cycle. It can easily raise anxiety levels. A little is in fact helpful, so keep the intake within a limit, if you want.


Sugar and so much sugar. We have heaps of it surrounding ourselves, and it is one of the main ingredients in frosting too. This makes it directly proportional to anxiety and depression. Keep the intake in limit.

processed foodProcessed Food

Yes, processed food, for example, any fried food, refined cereals, high-fat dairy products, candies, processed meat, and anything made from refined flour is bad for anxiety. Try to include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fish in your diet to keep yourself healthy and away from anxiety and depression.



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