Shoo Away Itching And Skin-Allergy From Your Kids

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Shoo Away Allergies- Changing SeasonHere comes the changing weather and with it also the time for parents to worry. Many more factors like, dust, pollen, bacteria-breeding environment cause skin-allergies,  irritation, and rashes in our kids and us elders too.

Let us talk a little about these allergies first. They are nothing but inflammatory skin conditions which cause itching and turn the skin red.


First and foremost, never shy away from visiting your doctor as soon as possible. Be more proactive in case of your kids.

However, you can take some measures at home too, till you reach your or your kids’ doctor.
I keep some products handy at home, and these are even suggested by the doctors.
Lacto Calamine lotion

It is one of the best things that I have come across. It helps in relieving tropical skin irritations. I mean the irritation caused by some external factors like, dust, pollutants, etc., and not any kind of food allergies.

I always carry Lacto Calamine in my medical kit, even while traveling.
As soon as you see that you or your kid is experiencing some itching and see the skin getting red, you can follow the steps:
  1. Book an appointment with the kids’ doctor.
  2. Wipe the area clean with a washcloth soaked in water, preferably lukewarm water, with a few drops of an antiseptic solution (example, Dettol).
  3. Gently, apply a mixture of Lacto-Calamine and a soothing and chemical-free baby lotion on the skin.

These steps will surely ease away the irritation and provide some cool effect to the skin. Keep applying this mixture at an interval of few hours, or as in when required.

Whenever such an instance appears, do remember to check the clothes or surroundings to look for some reason that might have aggravated the irritation.

And do not forget to visit the doctor as they are the best people to advice.

 Tip: Always check, what kind of baby lotion you use. Preferably, for at-least the skin allergies you must try and avoid the ones with perfume. The best ones can be some medicated ones, like Sebamed Baby Lotion.

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