Me And Mine’s First eBook Together

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Me and my son both love to read books. I also love to write. And, I have been writing short stories after my son was born.

I have also created various interactive videos on colours, shapes, etc., for my son, as all of this interests him a lot.

Recently, I have written and published a small eBook for kids. The book is named: Who Am I? The Wild-Animal Series.


Interestingly, my five year old son has also helped me with the same, with his valuable inputs and suggestions.

The book is very easy to read as well as interesting, it is more like a guessing game, a puzzle game. The kids get three hints for each wild animal.

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The book brings in the excitement in the kids.

Even though my son has helped me in writing this book, still, he wants to go through the book again and again.

My son’s faith in me and his interest in this book, gave me the confidence to share this piece of me and my son’s work with the world.


The book is available only as an eBook for now, on kindle/amazon. As it is a new launch, I have launched it in the free eBook section for first few days.

So, go ahead, click Who Am I? The Wild-Animal Series to download a free copy.

feedbackPlease share your feedback and inputs.

I have tried to use simple sentences for the kids so that they can understand and relate to the book easily. The drawings used in the picture are self-drawn by me and my son.

The drawings are not coloured as it is a simple eBook designed for kindle.

The book will help the kids a lot, in many ways:

  • out of the box thinkingTeaches them about 10 wild animals in a fun way.
  • Gives three hints about each animal.
  • Makes the kids think about those hints and guess the animal.
  • Makes them learn fun facts about the 10 animals.
  • Grooms them to play the guessing games.
  • Boosts the kid’s creativity and imagination.
  • Helps them to ask questions about anything and share whatever they think.


smart childI have observed all these traits in my son when he reads such books.

This is the reason my son has himself provided me inputs for many animals for this eBook.

And now he is working with me on a book for Domestic Animals.

All in all, I observed my kid enjoying it, so I thought why not share it with the other kids, to make books more interesting and fun for them too.


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