Craving A Sound And A Peaceful Sleep?

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Sleep is the phenomenon, which is the most urged for and yet one of the most underachieved goals of parents, especially mommies, these days.


Who does not want to sleep peacefully in a comfy bed at the end of a hard day; or maybe any day?

Proper sleep is directly proportional to good health, good skin, and happy mood.

I have read a lot about this topic like many parents and have found some useful tips which I would love to share.


Please go through these tips which will help you achieve the best sleep ever:

The Right Kind of Bed Linen

The bed covers or the bed sheets that you use must be of soft and breathable material, which is cotton of course. Avoid the sheets with cotton and polyester blend.Bed Linen

Wash Your Bed Linen Regularly

Most of us , because of our busy schedules, use a bed sheet for more than a week, but make it a habit to wash and change your bed sheets every 4-5 days. Fresh bed sheets is equal to fresh you.

Choose The Right Mattress

I know all of us want that soft mushy mattress, but we all are aware that it does more harm to us. We must choose a firm mattress as it provides the best support for our back and spine. It should not be super hard but a little soft so as to adjust to our body shape easily. Memory foam mattresses are also a good option as they shape as per the pressure put on them.

White Noise

White noise can be anything, like the sound of the air conditioner, fan, etc. These days there are many apps, which let you play different kinds of white noise as per your liking. Play it for a while, it really helps you to get into peaceful sleep. This tip is also helpful for little babies.

night wearThe Right King of Night Wear

This is something most of us do not think about much. But if you wear cotton and less tight night wear, it will help you achieve a better sleep. You will be more comfortable.



The Right Pillow

There are many theories on the usage of pillows, some suggest not to use a pillow at all. Look at your comfort, if you can avoid using a pillow, well and good. Otherwise, use a pillow that keeps you comfortable and does not move your head too forward or backwards. Improper pillows can result in many issues like headaches, disturbed sleep, neck pain, to name a few.

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