Are Smartphones Replacing You in Your Kid’s Life?

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Are smartphones good for kids?Kids love to watch Television, and play on the smartphones and tablets all the time. And these days, we have ample amount of choices together with Television too, like YouTube, Netflix, and many others. Not to forget the endless choices of apps and games on our smartphones and tablets.

Kids learn things very quickly, and yes, they learn to operate these devices in no time.


But, excess of everything is bad.

Why is Screen Time a culprit here?Does not want to make friends

  • Watching too much TV or spending too much time on the smartphones and tablets takes away the natural pleasures of life from their childhood.
  • They like to play only indoors, they do not want to make new friends, as they have their best buddy, the tablet or a smartphone with them.

What can we do as a responsible parent?take them to the park

  • As a parent, sometimes, we also need a break, or need to finish some work, and we end up giving the device to our kids. There is nothing bad in it, but we must remember to limit the time that our kids spend on these devices.
  • And when they spend their time from their precious childhood on these devices, we as a parent, must observe and take care that what are they playing on the device or watching on the device, and how much time they are spending on these activities?
  • The technology has given has many options too. We must try and avoid handing over the device directly in our kids hands, at-least where we can control it like inside the house. We can use the cast options to play the video of their choice on the television, that takes away the device control from our kids.
  • There are many series for kids available on YouTube and Netflix, which teaches our kids some useful information in a playful manner, which the kids enjoy and love to watch too.
  • Plan and discuss with the kids, the total time that they can spend on these devices for the whole day, maybe divided throughout the day, or at once in the day, their choice.

And be firm about it!

happy familyMoral of the story:  Happy kids and happy content parents.


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