Angry and Disappointed – Do Not Lose Control!

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UnhappyThere are some days, when you feel you are stuck in your life. Sometimes, it is really difficult to get a perspective on what to do and what not to do?

Come out of a difficult and unbearable situation just as a phoenix would do.

Phoenix rises again from the ashes.

It is really easy to feel disconnected with the world and find yourself all alone. But the hard part is to revive yourself.

At such times, we must just let the situation or the anger go by, and think or act on it only once we are back to being normal.

However, the things that have been said or the actions that have taken place can never revert themselves. At that time all you are left with are hurt emotions, and deep wounds in your heart and soul.


What should one do in such a situation?



I know this topic is the one, which has been the famous one for various debates, but from my life experience, I follow some of the following tips in such a situation:

  • Try to count 1 to 10 slowly, this might help to calm yourself down.
  • Pretend that these are all the assumptions of the other person and do not get affected and hurt by them. At-least give it a try.
  • Let the time / situation pass by and talk over it the next day or after few hours when the surroundings are under control.
  • Be patient and let it be.
  • Suffer From Migraines! Know The Triggers!Do not assume yourself as the victim and draw attention only to yourself rather than paying attention on correcting the position.
  • Go somewhere out and try to relax yourself.
  • Listen to some favorite and soothing music to calm yourself down.
  • Try to think from the other persons perspective, it helps sometimes.
  • Keep in mind that each and every individual is capable of making mistakes, even yourself, and let this moment go by.
  • Follow the rule: Forgive and Forget.

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